9th November 2017
1:07 pm

Katy’s blog #1

(Katy is the KOR trainee for our Band Together and SWITCH 2017 project, funded by Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government through the Youth Music Initiative. As part of the project she’s been keeping a blog – here’s her first post.)

Friday was a blast! We were practicing at The Glenburn Centre for our gig SWITCH at Platform in a couple of weeks. It was great to have a few fresh faces as well as the regulars. Our professional musicians Dave and Ger were welcomed with the usual enthusiasm from our band ‘The Boys’.

We kicked off with an atmospheric run through of ‘Welcome to the Dark Side’, an original piece we’ve been working on over the past few weeks headed up by Ryan with epic Star Wars vocals. The rest of us provided an eerie, spacy background, punctured with some sublime cowbell by Chris.

Next up, Bryan was straight in – “Are you ready guys, are you ready to rock? 1, 2, 3, 4…” – leading us into, an energetic rock’n’roll number with improvised vocals and lots of enthusiastic accompanying percussion.

Things then merged into more of an experimental, ensemble jam, with twelve of us playing in total. It meandered between driving walls of sound and more subtle moments. We were playing in the hall rather than the usual practice room meaning the sound of people playing pool blended in with the more delicate phases. We were all tuning in and out of the group sounds and our individual sound, listening and responding sonically and communicating with each other using body language.

As usual we lost track of time, playing the session out with a more structured jam to a Bollywood rhythm inspired by a keyboard riff from Mahesh. Things finished up with lots of celebration and chat about the upcoming gig.

SWITCH is on Friday 13th October at Platform in Easterhouse from 5pm-9pm. It’s free and everyone is welcome. The Boys will be kicking off proceedings with their epic set followed up by Sensatronic lab and Akron/Family’s Myles Cooper Seaton.